Beaming Review Guidelines

Beaming Health
1 min readMar 1, 2023

At Beaming Health, it’s our mission to be the leading resource for families raising kids with developmental differences. We bring together experts, professionals and other community members to produce information that families can trust. Part of this includes ensuring the integrity of reviews left on our site.

Reviews must meet our criteria below for approval:

  1. Personal Experience: Reviews give you an opportunity to share your experience, and we want it to be yours! We want to hear about your interactions with a provider, not just what you’ve heard about them. We ask that you speak from your own experience and do not post generalities and do not post on behalf of anyone else.
  2. Productive Dialogue: Reviews should be honest, but also respectful. Spam, foul language, hate speech, ableism, sexism, or explicit content of any kind will not be tolerated.

All reviews will be read by our team. If a review does not follow these guidelines and is rejected, authors are welcome to submit a revised review that meets the guidelines above.